Lizzy Lamb Foot Smothers Lazy Roomate

I'm sitting around watching the game and my roomate Lizzy Lamb walks in my way. I tell her to move but she insists on sitting down. I don't move for her so she sits on my legs and kind of in my crotch. My girlfriend is out working and Lizzy holds this over my head and tries to guilt trip me with shame because I don't work a 9 to 5 job. I get lectured about how much of a loser I am as Lizzy shoves her feet in my face. Her nasty feet have such a stench to them as she smothers my pathetic face with her tiny soles. Lizzy Lamb demands that I lick her feet until my tongue goes dry. The petite fetish model wiggles her pink panty ass deeper into my crotch and makes fun of my life :/