Bedroom BeeJay with a Neighbor

Marisa Leigh is a nympho who reached out to me through a friend of a friend. She's never been filmed for any internet smut shop like most of us adult workers so she's a fresh face on the scene. Speaking of that face, I fuck it.
Marisa calls me over to the bed and starts to inhale my cock. Her curls wrap around my fingers and allow me to press the back of her head to the point that I can feel my dick bottom out on her tonsils. Marisa lays on her back to allow for full deep throat action and plenty of gurgling drool noises.
To finish things off, Marisa gets on her knees giving me acess to some nice ass smacking. Marisa Leigh is a true cum slut and empties my balls right in her mouth, letting half of my load spill out her lips and swallowing the remainder.
She's new to porn, but obviously Marisa has been taking notes!