MILF’s Always Got Lube

Cherry Poppins is anxiously waiting for her boyfriend Kyle to show up so they can go out on a date. Mia McKinley is a concerned mother because she knows excatly what happens when her daughter goes out. Mom is also concerned about pregnancy being an issue.


When Kyle Chaos shows up to take Cherry out, Mama Mia demands that Cherry takes a load out of Kyle\'s balls so he won\'t be horny all night. Kyle sits right in between the beautiful mother and daughter while Cherry starts to jack his cock. She\'s determined not to stop either until all of the cum is drained for Kyle\'s nuts.


What was supposed to be a good night out with just Cherry turned out to be a perfect night because of Mama Mia\'s genius birth control idea. Why would she want Kyle to impregnate Cherry when he could ejaculate some stringy semen all over Mama\'s pretty little soles.