Mystick Moons and Alexa Ray - Sole Smother

Kyle Chaos and Alexa Ray are sleeping in bed when Mystick Moons comes in to wake up Kyle.

Startled, he asks why she has come to cause havoc.

Alexa is napping with her headphones on so she is totally oblivious to the psycho mistress blackmailing Kyle.

Mystick demands that her stinky soles and are inhaled and begins to dominate Mr Chaos.

Mystick says if his cock gets hard, she will wake up Kyle\'s unaware girlfriend.


Kyle\'s penis has got him into trouble once again and Alexa wakes up furious and almost storms out, but instead she joins in on the facial abuse and smothers Kyle\'s face with her perfect soles.

Both of the topless girls shove there feet in the busted foot bitch\'s mouth and make him sniff their stinky feet and stocking socks until he is red in the face.

Alexa begins getting sexual compliments from Mistick and they decide to steal Kyle\'s keys and wallet, leaving him humiliated, broke, and alone