JC Simpson - Filthy Foot Smother

JC Simpson pulled a double at her job and comes home to find the living room a huge mess.

Billy is on the couch trying to watch the most recent news scandals and is oblivious to his angry girlfriend.

JC doesn\'t think it\'s fair that she has to walk around on such a messy floor.

She punishes her lazy boyfriend by smothering his face withe her filthy feet.

JC Extends her long legs and exposes her pink panties as she stomps her black heels across her boyfriend\'s face. \"Dirty soles have to be cleaned with your tongue\"

Billy Blast takes his punishment and humiliation and after awhile he starts to lick and worship JC Simpson and sticks all 10 toes in his mouth.

Maybe Billy is secretly a foot bitch and didn\'t clean on purpose?